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At age 63 my health took a real nosedive with Meniere's disease.  Not only was I terrified of the vertigo attacks, progressive hearing loss and increasing levels of tinnitus, but I could no longer follow my passion of ‘going bush’ for months at a time to live alongside and learn from the last of our Traditional Aboriginals.  Using the concepts outlined in Discovering Body Logic, I was amazed to see that I had at my fingertips the ability to stop my vertigo attacks and reduce my other symptoms.  I am now amazed to think of how much my body has been trying to tell me for all those years!  I now visit my friends ‘up north’ with confidence, knowing that at any moment, no matter where I am, I can place myself into my own care.


My name is Kim.  I’m 23 years old and I have won 3 Australian Open National Javelin Championships and also represented Australia in several international competitions, including the 2006 Commonwealth Games (4th Place), 2006 World Cup (5th Place) and I am the 2001 World Youth Champion (U18).  In my career so far I have endured many serious injuries from the action of throwing.  I have had two elbow reconstructions, stress fractures in my lower back and also shoulder, ankle and neck problems.  The worst injury was my elbow, as it was shattered!! Surgeons called it ‘irreparable’.  I also had to pay to see a Physio and Massage therapist every week to care for my back and nothing was ever right.  I then read ‘Discovering Body Logic’ and started working on my own trigger points and also changed my diet and recovery methods. It was wonderful to realize that I could actually treat myself anytime of the day without costing me anything.  And IT WORKED!!!  I have finally been able to throw without pain.  Amazing!!!


Everyone seems to gain something a little different from Discovering Body Logic, inspiration, hope, a new level of understanding about illness, a fresh approach, renewed respect for their own body, improved fitness, full health recovery, but I got much more than that, I got my wife back!

I would not even know what to call what I got from Discovering Body Logic, joy, euphoria, gratitude? They all seem too slight a word. When my wife was sick my life was also miserable. Not because I suffered like she did but because my heart ached daily as I watched helplessly while not only her health, but also her hope slipped away. Her diagnosis included the words chronic and incurable, in medical terms that means “a persistent and lasting disease”.

When we first came across the motto of Discovering Body Logic “There is a better way than learning to live with it” we found it on an internet discussion board topic in North America, far from its home in Australia. Our first question was not how or what? It was "Is there?"

We had come to believe there was not a better way. That belief had been well set into our life like a nail fully hammered into a burial box.

As the ways of Discovering Body Logic began to weave into our approach to illness miraculous things began to happen. Unexpected improvements developed, disabling symptoms receded and stopped all together. My wife began participating in life more and more each week, she worried and cried less, eventually her smile returned and my heart ache dissolved. Today we are well, both of us, yet heartache is not even listed as one of the many forms of illness Body Logic can resolve, maybe it should be.

With everlasting gratitude, Jeff

Age 75+.  Over the past 15 to 25 years I have suffered increasingly severe arthritic joint pain:  lower back, knees, neck & shoulders, and most restrictive, my hands and wrists.  I am an insulin dependent diabetic, and therefore it’s important to keep my seizing up body well exercised. Sleep became a compounding problem as I could no longer lie on my sides. If I did, within 5-10 minutes, my arms would go to sleep and become painful.  My right hand has very diminished muscle, sensitivity and only 50% movement.  I persist with exercise bike, stretch exercises and gardening, BUT, Lee's book, "DISCOVERING BODY LOGIC" is my daily D.I.Y routine to maintain body movement and ease my pain, most often removing it completely.  I endorse fully her training to "LISTEN TO YOUR BODY". 

PS:  I no longer take anti inflammatory medication!!!!!


I had no idea why at only 24 years of age, I would continually suffer dizziness. Using Body Logic, I realized that the front of my neck was continually strained.  With simple self-treatment I was able to quickly resolve my problem.

As a past Iron Man Champion in Surf Life Saving, health and fitness has always been a high priority for me. But at age 47, while preparing to compete in the Coolangatta Gold Marathon, I started to experience severe chronic knee pain.  I was advised I would just have to ‘put up with it’ till I had surgery.  Naturally I gave up any hope of competing as the race was only 4 weeks away. I couldn’t stand to walk on it, let alone run a marathon. But then I stumbled across a book called Discovering Body Logic.  After reading it, I turned my focus from my sore knee and instead searched for sore points in my muscles.  I was very surprised to find them in my upper leg and calves.  So I worked these and could immediately feel some relief.  In only one day I was walking again – in a week running – and in four weeks competing in the marathon!  This book taught me how to identify trouble and self-treat as a part of my daily routine.

By age 46 I suffered continual lower back pain from years of bricklaying. It increased to a point where I thought I would have to give up my job. But as luck would have it, I stumbled onto Body Logic which taught me how to search and treat my own trigger points as well as the incredible importance of postural awareness.  Every time I now feel pain, I know it’s a clue that I have to react to straight away.  And now almost at age 50, I am still laying bricks pain free. I highly recommend this book to anyone who suffers muscle and joint pain.

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