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Many people assume that expert advice to “learn to live with” a chronic health problem means there is no other way.  So, in good faith, they attempt to cope with their suffering and carry on as best they can.  However, my remarkable return to full health from ‘incurable disease’ – and the fact that many others have since experienced similar astonishing results – confirms the value in questioning this negative advice.  I hope you will soon agree that it makes far more sense to focus on what we can do for our health, wellbeing and performance levels rather than trying to live with what we can’t. 

Suffering from Meniere’s disease along with several other chronic conditions, I was among those advised to find a way to cope.  But sadly my health deteriorated to a point where I couldn’t contemplate a day’s suffering, much less the prospect of doing this for a lifetime.  My vertigo attacks were particularly terrifying as not only couldn’t I move but each stole a little more of my precious hearing.

My only remaining option was to cling to the very faint hope that valuable information was somehow being overlooked and, given my driving motivation, perhaps I could find it.  So my husband set up my ‘study’ – a mattress, bucket and computer – and when able, I started searching.

Over the years, I was astonished to see how much was being missed – and not just in regard to my ‘disease’ but all chronic conditions!  The most helpful information lay buried beneath complex, fragmented theories and therefore well out of reach of the average person.  Yet each underlying concept was surprisingly simple – in fact, logical!  Once these key ideas were brought together, they formed a powerful approach that I now refer to as Body Logic.  It was applying this that returned me to full, vibrant health.  Even my hearing returned! 

Overjoyed, I started to share this simple process with others.  These people suffered from complaints such as:  Meniere’s disease, fibromyalgia, digestive complaints, dizziness, sore elbows, sore backs, sore knees, tinnitus, headaches, panic attacks, asthma to name a few.  And they also healed – dependent only on how vigorously they applied the strategies.  In fact, I was even able to help my old dog Billy, rewarding all those times he faithfully sat by my side while I was so ill. 

The Body Logic approach is easy to understand and to apply.  In fact, once you have read this you may wonder how you missed noticing this for so long!  However reaching this point of understanding takes more than just a few paragraphs, or even a few chapters.  It requires clarifying underlying beliefs about health, feeding personal awareness of the body’s natural intelligence (instincts), learning key skills and applying logic to health and/or performance problems.

The ‘mystery’ surrounding chronic conditions therefore isn’t answered with a single concept, but rather unravels with each and every chapter of this book.  At all times however, information is presented in clear, practical terms, supported by some wonderful success stories.  There is no jargon – or complicated theories – just simple concepts so you can judge the potential for yourself.

Sadly, I found it’s our body’s responses that are most neglected within our current approach to health care.  This is bewildering as it’s this natural system of feedback that enables us to identify our real problem.

Being wonderfully adaptive, our body responds to problems the moment they occur.  But what this hugely underestimated truth means is that as far as our body is concerned, there are no ‘unknown causes’.  We tend to forget that our body always knows what is wrong – and how to respond.

It’s these instinctual responses that leave behind valuable clues, which I refer to as health clues.

In essence, these clues are evidence of the adjustments our body is forced to make every time it comes up against a problem.  Without a problem, there are no health clues.  With a problem, there will be at least one.  In the case of chronic illness there will be many.

The wonderful news is that health clues are generally both observable and within our control.  So we open up all sorts of possibilities once we shift our focus from ‘unresolvable chronic symptoms’ and redirect it towards ‘resolvable health clues’.

By taking notice of our body’s clues, we re-establish the cyclical process that is an inherent part of our body’s natural design.  Our mind stops ignoring the body and finally starts working with it. 

We then see our body’s role in problem solving health issues is a surprisingly significant one as it acts as guide and motivator – providing feedback night and day – free and always right!  Add into the mix the effective self-help strategies provided here and we are equipped to identify precisely what is wrong and what we need to do about it.  This is where astonishing potential lies.

The Body Logic approach has very little to do with the level of suffering, but everything to do with the level of desire.  Regardless of your problem, if you want it badly enough it’s yours.  It’s about choice, personal responsibility and possibilities ... the kind of enormous potential that tantalises us throughout our lives.

You may choose to take on only one simple strategy from this book, or you may be ready for more.  Naturally, the more you take on, the better the results.  But the important thing is you will make your choice fully informed of the astonishing possibilities.

Part 1 begins with ‘My Story’.  This has two key purposes.  First, it demonstrates the terrible suffering that can stem from ignoring the body’s checks and balances.  Second, it highlights the amazing power in this approach.  I learned the hard way – hopefully you won’t have to.  Chapters 2-4 then investigate what is at the foundation of chronic health and fitness problems.

Part 2 explores the astonishing muscle link.  You will see that although most people think their muscles are fine, the body’s health clues so often tell an entirely different story!  A very simple technique is provided here to help you search for and remove ‘hidden’ muscular tension.  Learning this technique alone can be life-changing.

Part 3 investigates our body’s structural health clues.  It outlines the ‘easiest’ way to use our body and provides some valuable postural exercises.

Part 4 takes a brief, reasoned look at the dietary link.  Not only will you learn some startling ‘missing’ information, but be shown how to check for your own dietary health clues.  A choice of practical starting points is then offered to those wanting to set change in place.

Part 5 views all the preceding concepts from the broadest vantage point.  It highlights the incredibly destructive nature of chronic stress, pulling some powerful, ‘hidden’ forces at work out into the open.

Part 6 will help get you started on the Body Logic approach. 

Learning the lessons here will empower you to stop and reverse the degenerative process that is far beyond that of natural ageing.  Loss of quality of life stems from ignoring our body’s logic, so the best time to start is right now.  In fact, there is no better time and I firmly believe, no better way. 



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